Program Erasmus+PWSW w Przemyślu

Erasmus+ Office, room no. 3.44, Technical College

Work hours: 7:30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday

Address: 1E Żołnierzy I AWP Street, 37-700 Przemyśl, Poland

Biuro Erasmus+, pokój 3.44, Kolegium Techniczne

Otwarte od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 7:30-15:30

How to study and surivive in Przemyśl in few steps

Dear Student,

we are happy that you are visiting our website. It means that you are considering studying at our university or you have already decided for the Erasmus exchange experience at our university.

We would like to help you start the exchange smoothly in few steps.


Step I Before you arrive

  1. Inform the coordinator ( about the planned day and time of your arrival. We will prepare your room in the dormitory. You can come anytime (in the night as well) but not earlier than 2 days before the beginning of the semester. Ask about anything that might be important for you.
  2. Learn about our culture and climate. It can save your life in winter if you come from a southern country! Prepare well for travel and living in Poland.


Step II Travel to Przemyśl

  1. You can  travel by plane to Warsaw (Warszawa), Cracow (Kraków) or Lviv (Lwów) in Ukraine.
  2. Przemyśl is located in the south-eastern part of Poland. It’s 7 km from Ukrainian border and just 1:50 hour by train from Ukrainian city of Lviv. You can come to Lviv Airport and then travel to Przemyśl by train directly (operates rarely) or go to the border by minibus (and from the border to Przemyśl by minibus either).
  3. It takes approximately 6:30 hours to travel from Warsaw to Przemyśl by a direct train. The names of train stations are Warszawa Centralna and Przemyśl Główny.
  4. It takes about 3 hours from Kraków to Przemyśl by a direct train. The names of train stations are Kraków Główny and Przemyśl Główny.
  5. Travelling from Warsaw or  Cracow is more comfortable than from Lviv (you don’t cross the border with EU) but it takes longer.
  6. You can buy the train ticket online or at the train station. I recommend buying it in advance.
  7. Don’t exchange all your EURO in touristic sites and airports. The exchange rate for this currency is better in smaller towns like Przemyśl.


Step III When you arrive

  1. Przemyśl – to know more about our old and beautiful city, visit its wesbite for foreigners
  2. When you arrive at the train station Przemyśl Główny, you should take taxi to the dormitory. The fee should not exceed 15 PLN (less than 4 EUR).
  3. In the dormitory you should show your passport to the person at the reception. Our staff member will show you to your room.
  4. From Monday to Friday, 7:30-15:00 you can visit Erasmus office, which is located in Technical College (the biggest bulilding on campus, near the main street). The office can be found on the 2nd floor (take the elevator), to the left.
  5. If you arrive late at night you will need to wait with visiting the Erasmus office until the morning.
  6. There is a small shop („ABC”) near the campus. You can buy there basic food, cleaning agents, cosmetics.
  7. In Poland we make food shopping in bigger markets. The closest to PWSW are Biedronka, Lidl and Tesco.
  8. From January the 1st 2018 shops are closed on Sundays. Do your food shopping before they close!
  9. We ask students to behave quietly after 10:00 PM. Let other relax, learn and sleep.
  10. Keep your room tidy.
  11. Contact the institutional coordinator and your departmental coordinator. They will help you with your Polish studies experience.
  12. Learn some Polish. We can organize Polish course for you.
  13. Good fun and good luck!