Erasmus+PWSW w Przemyślu

Biuro Erasmus+ pokój 3.44 Kolegium Techniczne PWSW
otwarte od 7:30-15:30 od poniedziałku do piątku.

Картинки по запросу adress

1E Żołnierzy I AWP St. 37-700 Przemyśl, Poland

Information for incoming students and staff

Deadline for incoming students

Applications for winter semester should be sent until 1st July each year to

Applications for spring semester should be sent until 1st December each year to



PWSW will provide assistance when required in securing documents needed for receiving visa for incoming students.

More information about visa requirements can be found:


PWSW will provide mobile participants with accommodation in PWSW dormitory.

Insurance information

PWSW will  provide the participants with the information about National Health Insurance, help with completing necessary documents and filling forms in Polish language.

More information about:,Care,6079.html

Academic credit system

Studies at hosting universities are based on formerly agreed Learning Agreements. After the completion of courses at a foreign university student receives the right amount of credits (ECTS). To gain ECTS credits, the student must pass the examination at hosting institution and gain the assesment grade.
Student continues his or her education at PWSW without repeating a semester or courses not provided abroad but for those required to obtain professional qualifications.
Student may be obliged to take additional courses after his or her return only if he or she did not obtain the required number of credits per semester while studying abroad.
The period of exchange studies at hosting institution can last from 3 months to 1 year.
The ECTS grading scale at PWSW: 5.0-A, 4.5 – B, 4.0-C, 3.5-D, 3.0 – E, 2.0 – F.

The successful grades for students at PWSW are: 5.0-A, 4.5 – B, 4.0-C, 3.5-D, 3.0 – E

Language policy

PWSW offers classes of foreign languages in order to promote active exchange with foreign partners: among the languages ​​taught at PWSW are Slavic languages (by completing them students can attain from A2 or B1 to B2 level of proficiency) as​​: Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian and also English and German, which complies with the PWSW development plans of the international cooperation.
To increase the number of participants of the Programme, PWSW organizes additional language courses for students to ensure that participants are well prepared for mobility. Before the participation of the programme, students’ language skills are assesed by language teachers of PWSW. PWSW tries to support students interested in exchange that need additional language learning, by offering them additional language courses allowing attain the necessery level of lnguistic proficiency to study abroad
The Institute of Philology offers full-time English Philology studies in English language and Applied Linguistics (in both, Ukrainian and English) and students of those courses present from B2 language level to native-near language level.

Language policy for incoming students

Incoming students for Erasmus exchange (and all foreign students) can participate in the language course “Culture of Polish languge” helping to improve their Polish language skills. Erasmus students coming for exchange to PWSW can attend the beginners’ Polish language classes held by the officer of IRO once a week. Erasmus students are not only taught Polish language but they also gain assistance of translator during administrative and medical procedures for the whole stay at PWSW.